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Smokehouse Cigars, LLC is committed to providing not only a wide variety of name brand and specially blended cigar makes at competitive market prices, but also to providing phenomenal customer service to our brothers and sisters of the leaf, from seasoned connoisseurs & aficionados to the novice, looking for enlightenment, as well as guidance into the foray of pleasures, joy and relaxation that cigars bring (the culmination of a taxing day, family holidays, dealing with the IRS, or any other stressful or fun event).

Our website is consistently being updated in our best efforts to bring you current industry information and updates on your favorite cigar brands and upcoming Smokehouse events, we ask you for your patience and offer you the opportunity to peruse the Smokehouse website. 

Smokehouse has a Certified Retail Tobacconist and CRA Ambassador on duty to answer any questions you or your peers may have! Visit us today!

                                                 Thank you for visiting!




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