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Smokehouse Cigars


Smokehouse Cigars is a  retail cigar shop and lounge that creates  the ultimate cigar experience for all patrons, in an innovative setting. Smokehouse Cigars provides an interactive cigar buffet for all or any who choose to partake. This cigar store and lounge is owned by a true aficionada and aficionado,  hosting premium cigars,  cigar pairings, and cigar etiquette  for all novice smokers. Smokehouse Cigars offers many discounts to our customers as an appreciation for your support and patronage, including 1st responder & military, birthday and Distinguished Ruffian.

Smokehouse Cigars boasts an array of great cigars and fellowship as the centerpiece of those most memorable moments to be shared with clients, friends and family. Smokehouse Cigars is committed to delivering only the finest, handmade cigars from around the globe. Our primary mission is simple: exceptional quality and service.

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