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Cigar Industry Happenings...


  • The Great Smoke. Smoke Inn of South Florida hosts an annual The Great Smoke cigar event during the month of February.


  • Cigar Fest. Cigars International hosts an annual Cigar Fest in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania during the month of May. [DELAYED AND THEN CANCELLED IN 2021]


  • Brew City Cigar Festival. Metro Cigars and Au Contraire Events joined together to present an annual Brew City Cigar Festival in Milwaukee, WI during the month of August.


  • Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival. The Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival is held at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado during the month of August.


  • The Big Smoke. Cigar Aficionado Magazine hosts a couple of annual Big Smoke events, the "biggest" of which is the Big Smoke Weekend in Las Vegas, which is typically held during the month of November. In addition, there is also a Big Smoke Florida, which was delayed in 2021 to the month of October.


  • Ybor City Cigar Heritage Festival. This annual cigar festival is held during December, in Ybor City (Tampa, Florida). General admission is free, but VIP tickets are available in advance. Click Here for Details.

See what's happening in legislation:

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10 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

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Law & Advocacy

1. Cigars Are a Natural and Artisanal Product 

2. Two Hundred Pairs of Hands

3. Tobacco Undergoes Fermentation

4. Aging is Important

5. Understand Cigar Anatomy

6. Cut and Light Like a Pro

7. Smoke Cool & Slow

8. Choose Your Cigar Wisely

9. Cubans Aren’t Always the Best

10. Price v. Quality

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